How to chose Pakistani wedding dresses?

Weddings in Pakistan are of a big deal and you must know how to chose some good Pakistani wedding dresses for brides.  There is no hard and fast rule and you can go off the limit. There are certain choices for you when it comes to bridal dresses.

The first thing you need to consider is bridal dress type. In Pakistani weddings, the most exciting thing for a girl is a new bridal dress and they can make mistakes in choosing a wrong dress for wedding. We have some options for you to chose from.

Bridal Lehnga

The most famous bridal wear type is bridal lehnga. We have sold enormous amount of bridal lenhgas in 2017-2018 and we are hopefully in 2019.

Bridal Maxi

Bridal Maxi is also famous in Pakistani bridal dresses and you can for this as a pure dress for bride or even her friends or sisters.

Bridal Frocks

We have seen bridal frocks as being wore by best fried on a bride. As said you can go off limit in bridal dresses and can wear this as a bride. These frocks are mostly sold by us online to teen girls.

Choose Pakistani bridal dresses for different wedding events

When it comes to Bridal dresses in Pakistan, you should also consider what event of wedding is this?

Menhdi bridal dresses

Mehndi dresses are all about colors and being sharp. On typical Pakistani mehndi you want to pick a little to moderate heavy mehndi bridal dress. You can show off all the embroideries you have been wanting to wear.

Walima bridal dress

If this is a walima event, the best walima bridal dress is one which is a little light in colors. You want to look elegant and nothing heavy on this day as it was on reception or nikkah day.

Reception wedding dress

On reception day, the general trend is to wear Pakistani bridal dresses in red and white color. There can be different shaded of a bridal suit but these two are always the main colors.

If you want a suggestion for a certain Pakistani designer to choose from Zainab Chottani bridal dress are the most famous and it is for a reason.

Buy Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses Online

Bazaar offers a huge collection of Pakistani bridal dresses online. We bring the most beautiful and latest Pakistani bridal dresses. We also run multiple sale promotions so you can buy on ease.  You can now buy your dresses with out Cash on Delivery system



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Maria B Dholki Bridal Dress in Lawn

4,250.00 3,250.00
Front full embroidered Neck embroidered Sleeves embroidered Trouser embroidered Plain back Bamber chiffon embroidered dupatta Daaman embroidered

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry Wedding Edition Ustitched

4,250.00 3,850.00
Wedding Edition *Semi Pure Chiffon Heavy Seqwence Emb Front *Plain Semi Pure Chiffon Back *Semi Pure Chiffon Seqwence Emb Slevees *Net Full Heavy Emb Duppata (With Hand Work Tassal's On Pallu) *Front & Back Seqwence Emb Daman On Tissue *Neck Seqwence Emb Bunch On Tissue (With All Over Hand Work) *Touser Seqwence Emb Patta On Tissue *Malai Touser

Amna Aqeel Velvet Embroidered Dress

4,500.00 3,850.00
Hot Selling in Velvet *Micro Velvet Full Heavy Alternate Sequence Embroidered Front *Micro Velvet Sequence Embroidered Sleeves *Plain Micro Velvet Back *Micro Velvet Full Heavy Sequence Embroidered Shawl *Silk Trouser

Maria B Bridal in Linen

3,800.00 3,350.00
Front full embroidered Neck embroidered Sleeves embroidered Sleeves embroidered motif Border embroidered Trouser embroidered Bamber chiffon embroidered dupatta

Sajjal Ali Hum Award Skater Dress | Nomi Ansari

4,500.00 3,850.00
Best dress at Hum Award 2018  long skater dress with detailed embellishments Full Ghair Style Maxi Front Full Net Embroidery Back Full Net Embroidery Body with Hand work 3D Flowers Sleeve with Hand work 3D FLOWERS Silk Inner Silk Trousers Back Plain Body Net embroidery duppata

Lacha | Punjabi Style Designer Mendi Dress

3,800.00 3,350.00
Linen fabric Front embroidered Back embroidered Gala embroidered Border embroidered Sleeves embroidered Trouser embroidered Bamber chiffon embroidered dupatta